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Amazon's Prime discount at Whole Foods is coming to 10 more states

The company also introduces a handful of new discounts just for Prime members.

Whole Foods Market

More Whole Foods stores will be offering discounts to Amazon Prime members.

Getty Images

Amazon on Monday said it's rolling out its Prime membership discount at Whole Foods stores to 10 more states.

Starting Wednesday, Prime members will be able to receive a 10 percent discount on sales items at Whole Foods stores in Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, Hawaii, Oregon, North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington, Louisiana and Mississippi.

The discount program started in Florida in May and, with that latest expansion, will now cover nearly half of Whole Foods' locations in the US, totaling 23 states overall. The Prime discounts are also available at Whole Foods Market in 365 stores nationwide.

Amazon, which bought Whole Foods a year ago this week, hopes to use the high-end grocer as a way to entice people to join Prime. Earlier this year, it launched Prime Now two-hour deliveries from some Whole Foods stores and introduced a 5 percent discount on purchases using an Amazon Prime Visa credit card.

The company also said it's offering a handful of new discounts for Prime members starting Wednesday, including deals on pork sausage, yellowfin tuna steak, and Annie's macaroni and cheese. In May, the company said it was planning "weekly deep discounts on select best-selling items" for Prime members.

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