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Amazon's next Prime Day sale will be even sadder, says parody video

The tech satirists at ThinkHeroPro provide a sneak preview of Amazon's next Prime Day sale that's sure to be filled with more pending disappointment than a Nickelback tribute concert.

If the upper and lower parts of your body are located in different time zones, Amazon's got a deal you'll be interested in. Video screenshot by Danny Gallagher/CNET

If you felt a twinge of disappointment following Amazon's lackluster Prime Day sales event, you weren't alone. Instead of offering deep discounts on things people might actually want to buy, the whole July 15 event looked like a giant yard sale held to clear out the stuff nobody wanted -- except this yard was attached to a 1.2 million square-foot warehouse.

However, if you were actually in need of items like an autographed cast photo of "The Goonies" and a 55-gallon barrel of lube, Amazon was your virtual oyster. Also, if you needed both, please don't tell us the reason.

The rest of us are a little perturbed. But instead of venting your rage with a rambling Amazon review or a customer service letter that will just get lost in a virtual pile of paper, release that tension by watching a parody video from the folks at the YouTube channel ThinkHeroPro that aims to predict what the next Amazon Prime Day sales will be.

The video features an Amazon employee previewing all the sweet deals that will be made available when the next Amazon Prime Day comes rolling down the calendar -- like a shoehorn that you can use from across the room and a high-definition TV big enough to be mistaken for a large, suburban home.

I should probably remind you once again that the following video is fake and only intended to be a parody, and I'm not stressing that because I think our readers are dumb or can't get the joke. It's just that when a 55-gallon tub of lube is one of Amazon's biggest deals, a shoehorn on a selfie stick doesn't sound that far from the realm of possibility.

(Via Reddit)