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Amazon's new card wants to help customers build credit

Amazon Credit Builder​​ offers no annual fee and 5% back for Prime members.


The Amazon Credit Builder program is geared toward customers who want to build or rebuild their credit.

Denis Charlet / AFP/Getty Images

Amazon on Monday launched a new credit card geared toward people who want to build their credit.

The Amazon Credit Builder program offers many of the same perks as the Amazon Store Card, including no annual fee and 5% back for Prime members. Both cards are also issued by Synchrony Bank. 

What differentiates the cards is that the credit line on the Amazon Credit Builder is equal to the refundable security deposit made when the account is opened. Customers can use the card on Amazon.com after it's been activated, which can take around seven to 14 days after the deposit is received.

Cardholders have access to resources that help them learn about building their credit. They'll also be able to monitor their credit score and see how their actions might impact that score by registering for TransUnion CreditView.

Amazon says on a customer service page that "continued and responsible use of the secured Amazon Credit Builder can help you build your credit history."

Applicants who want to be considered for the Amazon Store Card and Amazon Credit Builder can apply for both cards through the site. If they're not approved for the Store Card, they'll be considered for the Credit Builder card.  

Customers can be upgraded to the Amazon Store Card if Synchrony Bank determines they're eligible to do so after a review. Their security deposit is returned when they're upgraded. 

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