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Amazon's mobile app gets new AR shopping feature

AR view is available on the iPhone 6S and later that have been upgraded to iOS 11.

Just in time for the holidays, Amazon has boosted its augmented reality shopping game.

The online retailer on Wednesday unveiled "AR view" on its Amazon shopping app. The new feature, which is only available for now for customers using iOS 11 installed on their iPhone 6S or later, lets shoppers check what new products might look like in their homes before buying them.

People can select from thousands of items -- including furniture, vases, toasters and Amazon Echo devices -- and overlay 3D images of them at home using their phone's camera to get a better feel for their dimensions and look. 

Amazon joins a handful of retailers who've already added AR features to their shopping apps through iOS 11's ARKit, including furniture sellers Ikea and Wayfair. Google's new ARCore software should also help bring many more AR games and shopping concepts in the future. Using these features, customers could get more comfortable buying bigger ticket items online, like sofas, and would be less likely to return them, which would be a benefit for e-commerce companies.