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Amazon's got game (and textbook rentals)

Amazon's ever-growing empire now includes a game-development studio and rentable textbooks. Plus: the government's latest push for cell phone radiation warning labels.

Tuesday's top tech stories are out to disrupt your world:

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Oh Amazon, what don't you do? Well cross off game development, as it just launched its own studio to make Facebook games and compete with Zynga. It also joined the textbook rental service to face off with eBay's and BookRenter.

YouTube will no longer be a pre-loaded default app on Apple devices. Apple is dropping the YouTube app for iOS 6, and Google will create a separate app you can download. It's all part of Apple's mission to distance itself from Google.

If you buy a new Windows Phone 8 device, you'll be able to make in-app purchases. (Not so fast, 7.8 users.)

The end is near for AT&T's 2G. The carrier is killing 2G in 2017 and will put that spectrum toward 3G and 4G networks. And those of you in the market for a new mobile plan, be aware that AT&T will offer its new Shared Data Plans on August 23.

Prepare for cellphone radiation to be a big topic this week. Representative Dennis Kucinich is proposing a new "Right to Know" law to put radiation warning labels on phones and to fund research to study how devices can harm our health. The wireless industry is fighting a similar law in San Francisco, which is set to be challenged in court Thursday.

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