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Amazon's Fire HD 10 gets aluminum body, 64GB option

The top-end Fire tablet can now be had in a more luxurious metal version for the same price as the black plastic model.

The new aluminum version of the Fire HD 10.


Amazon's Fire HD 10 just got a little swankier.

For the same price as the existing black color option, you can now order can now order the Fire HD 10 with a new, "silver aluminum all-metal enclosure," Amazon has announced. Additionally, if you want more internal storage, the Fire HD 10 now comes in a 64GB version for $290.

All the Fire HD 10 models, including the 16GB ($230) and 32GB ($260) versions, come with an expansion slot to add additional memory.

The new aluminum and 64GB models are available now.

In other Amazon news, the company said its $50 Fire tablet was the top-selling tablet in the US in the first quarter of 2016.