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​Amazon's Alexa gets a wearable: Pebble Core

You'll be able to carry Alexa around with you wherever you go on Pebble's wearable mini-computer, starting early next year.

Pebble's upcoming Android micro-computer, the Pebble Core, has promised a lot of potential and on-the-go connections. Add Amazon's Alexa to that list.

CEO Eric Migicovsky confirmed that Alexa will be one of the Pebble Core's new functions, and it will work when paired with a Bluetooth headset or a wired one. The Core has a standard headphone jack as well as Bluetooth.

Core can connect via Wi-Fi or a 3G SIM card. The Core already is a bit like a giant programmable Dash button, but it might also end up being a teeny-tiny Echo as well.

Alexa isn't on other wearables yet. But it has migrated to other devices, like the fridge-radio Triby.

According to Migicovsky, Alexa won't work with Pebble yet because Alexa doesn't have a text response API yet, just audio. Pebble's newest watches have microphones but still don't have speakers, and they don't pair with headphones.