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Amazon's $50 Fire tablet tries on new colors, 16GB storage option

Amazon's budget tablet line is expanding a bit, with three new color choices as well as extra storage for $20 more.

Starting Thursday, Amazon's dirt-cheap Fire tablet ($50, £50) come in three new colors: magenta, blue and tangerine, as well as the previous black. Additionally, a step-up model with 16GB of internal storage (instead of the standard 8GB) is available for $70.

The Fire Kids Edition also adds the 16GB storage option. It costs $120 and includes a protective case along with a year's subscription to Kindle FreeTime Unlimited. Fire Kids Edition with 8GB of internal storage will still cost $100.

It's worth noting that the Fire includes a microSD expansion slot so you can add memory on your own (with up to 128GB cards). For $20, you can buy a 64GB microSD card on Amazon.

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