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Amazon Wireless offers Digital Bonus to Android customers

Amazon Wireless is offering a $15 credit bonus for certain Amazon purchases to people who buy new Android phones from July 11 to October 11, 2011.

Amazon Wireless, Amazon's cell phone and wireless store, has announced a $15 Digital Bonus offer for customers who buy new Android phones from July 11 until October 11, 2011. The $15 credit will be in the form of $5 credits each for the Amazon Appstore for Android, the Amazon MP3 store, and the Kindle Store. You'll have until November 12, 2011, to use them, after which they'll expire.

This Digital Bonus only applies to phones bought on Amazon Wireless, and not the regular store. Amazon Wireless is Amazon's specialty wireless retail store that often sells phones for prices that are far lower than regular outlets--there are many penny deals, for example. The catch is that the phones often require new or extended two-year contracts, and they usually can't grandfather any of your old plans. If you're OK with these restrictions though, this is a pretty good deal.

(via Phonescoop)