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Amazon will now replace Kindles damaged by cover

After the media fallout over the filing of a lawsuit claiming the Kindle 2 has a design flaw involving the company's cover, Amazon has now announced it will replace all Kindles free of charge that develop cracks due to the cover.

The cracked Kindle 2 that's at the center of the lawsuit.

Here's quick update to the story we posted the other day on a couple filing a class-action lawsuit over a potential design flaw in Amazon's Kindle 2 involving the company's cover and cracks developing around the clasps where the cover attaches to the device.

Amazon has decided that it will now replace Kindles that have been cracked by the cover free of charge, reversing its earlier stance that the Kindle 2's warranty didn't cover such cracks and required a $200 fee to repair. As expected, Amazon wouldn't comment on the lawsuit itself, which will apparently continue for the time being.

The couple's lawyer, Beth Terrell, told the Seattle Times that the lawsuit would proceed: "If they [Amazon] would like to resolve the matter, I think the way to do it is through a court-approved process."

We'll see how the settlement plays out, but I think the plaintiff is looking at free Kindles for life and lot of free e-books.


(Via Engadget via Information Week)