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Amazon wants to hire you, and 49,999 others, to pack stuff

The company will hold what it calls "the nation's largest job fair" at 10 fulfillment centers across the US.

Want to work for Amazon? If you're down to sling packing tape and stuff plastic air bladders into boxes, the company has a job for you.

In what it's calling "the nation's largest job fair," Amazon will gear up 10 of its huge warehouses nationwide to lure potential employees. It starts at 8 a.m. sharp on August 2, aka "Boxing Day."

The company makes clear that the jobs are all about the pack-n-ship. "Amazon is hiring for tens of thousands of full-time opportunities at its fulfillment centers across the US for employees who will pick, pack and ship customer orders," it said in a statement Wednesday.

Lest the unglamorous life of slapping "Prime Alexa Amazon Music Unlimited" tape on cardboard boxes doesn't appeal, John Olsen, Vice President of Amazon's Worldwide Operations Human Resources, has some words of encouragement. "These are great opportunities with runway for advancement. In fact, of our entry-level managers across Amazon's US fulfillment centers, nearly 15 percent started in hourly roles and were promoted into their current positions."

And if that's not enough to get you to show up on Job Day, there's always the lure of working alongside really fast robots.