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Amazon updates Instant Video to AirPlay shows onto Apple TV

The latest app update allows users to fling video from iPads or iPhones to television sets by way of Apple TV.


Apple diehards now have a way to fling their Amazon Instant Video to their television screens -- if they didn't have a TV that could already do that.

Amazon's latest update of its Instant Video app for iOS adds the ability to watch videos on Apple TV via Airplay.

The update give Amazon Instant Video watchers another way to watch shows and movies on their TVs, although Amazon's video content was already compatible with Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation. If Amazon's video audience is anything like Netflix's, people are already using those platforms most to get content beamed to the TV screen.

Amazon Instant Video was already compatible with Roku boxes and other over-the-top streaming media players, as well as a slew of smart televisions and other devices.

The Airplay update follows Amazon's introduction late last year of iPhone and iPod Touch apps, which themselves followed Amazon Instant Video iPad app that offered both Amazon Prime and non-Prime users the ability to watch videos -- streamed, rented or purchased -- in its online video store.

The app update also adds IMDB information and the ability to read customer reviews.

(Via The Verge.)