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Amazon to introduce Kindle e-book reader on November 19?

Amazon's rumored e-book reader is about to get official.

Amazon's Kindle should make its official debut next week. Engadget

Amazon's long-awaited--and somewhat anticipated--Kindle electronic book reader may finally get its official introduction on Monday, November 19. At least that's the strong sense I got from a conversation I had earlier today with a PR rep inviting me to an Amazon event here in New York on the 19th. When I asked whether the product was the e-book reader, he wouldn't say (he gave me the usual "you'll have to show up to find out"). But since the Kindle was due to be announced back in October, it seems safe to assume, this is finally it.

Those following the e-book space know that the Kindle has been rumored for months and pictures and specs have circulated on Engadget and other blogs. The New York Times ran an article in early September offering many details on the product, saying it would "be priced at $400 to $500 and will wirelessly connect to an e-book store on Amazon's site." Word is the wireless connection won't be Wi-Fi but a high-speed EVDO network.

As you can see form the picture, the device has a keyboard, which, according to the Times piece, users can use to take notes or navigate the Web. Amazon may also offer subscriptions to feeds from major newspapers. Like Sony's recently released $300 PRS-505 Portable Reader System (we're about to post a review), the Kindle uses E Ink technology, which does a great job mimicking printed text but can't display color or animation.

Anybody think the Kindle will blow Sony's Reader away?