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Amazon to add to lineup

The retail giant adds the online drugstore as a partner featured alongside its regular channels, the first time it has given such billing to an outside company. added a "" tab to its Web site today, company representatives said.

As earlier reported, the move will allow Amazon customers to shop for toothpaste, lipstick and other health and beauty products through the online retailer's site. It also marks the first time that Amazon has given permanent space to a "third party."

The tab will appear alongside tabs for Amazon's books, music, toys and other stores. Consumers will be able to use the tab to access and to buy products from it. The company's store will continue to be accessible through its own domain name.

Initially, shoppers will not be able to use the same shopping basket at that they use in other Amazon stores. And and Amazon will separately ship items ordered through their various stores.

Amazon has signed a similar merchandising deal with The giant online retailer owns stakes in both companies.