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Amazon draws on Kickstarter for more wacky, educational stuff

The online retailer launches the Kickstarter Collection, a selection of over 300 products that originated on the crowdfunding platform.

Amazon now has such a vast inventory of stuff, it needs to work a little harder to find new products to sell you.

The online retailer is doing just that by teaming up with Kickstarter to offer more than 300 products that originated on the crowdfunding site. The products, dubbed the Kickstarter Collection, can be found on the startup-focused Amazon Launchpad storefront.

The new relationship with Kickstarter could make it easier for more entrepreneurs and inventors to bring their products to market, while also helping Amazon bolster its selection.

The products, some of which have already been available on Amazon, include Prynt, an iPhone case that prints out your photos (raised $1.6 million on Kickstarter); MudWatt, an educational kit that teaches kids about electricity-generating bacteria (raised $35,000); and Brew Cutlery, utensils with bottle-openers on the stems (raised $20,000).

Since its debut a year ago, Amazon Launchpad has worked with more than 100 venture capital firms, startup accelerators, and crowdfunding sites to help over 1,000 startups launch products in the US, UK, China, Germany and France.

Amazon Launchpad is another way the world's largest e-retailer can make its store different from competitors. The company last year also launched Amazon Exclusives, which offers a selection of products only available on Amazon and on the product maker's own website.