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Amazon targets Apple's Game Center with GameCircle

The retail giant's new product offers tracking for achievements and leader boards, and saves in-game progress to the cloud.

Amazon has announced GameCircle, a platform that comes with some of the features found in Apple's Game Center.

Designed for the Amazon Kindle Fire, GameCircle will attempt to engage players by tracking their achievements and delivering a leaderboard to see how they stack up against other folks. In addition, Amazon says GameCircle supports a syncing function that lets users save in-game progress to the cloud and pick up where they left off after restoring their tablet or switching to a different device.

Apple's Game Center, which is available on the company's mobile devices, takes the social element a bit further by allowing users to see what games others are playing and start multiplayer matches. Game Center also supports leaderboards and achievements.

In order to deliver GameCircle to Amazon's Kindle Fire owners, developers will need to integrate it into their games. Amazon has created an application programming interface sign-up, allowing developers to gain access to the tools they'll need to integrate it.