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Tech Industry

Amazon sets fire to the tablet market

New e-readers highlight a big week for product announcements, while hackers claim to steal Apple IDs. Also: iPhone 5 next week?

Amazon is heating up competition in the tablet sector with three new models of the Kindle Fire that are clearly aimed at wooing those who might buy a tablet from Apple.

The Amazon assault begins with a new $199, 7-inch model with an HD screen that doubles the built-in storage of the previous entry-level Kindle Fire to 16GB. Amazon has also doubled down on that product line with a larger, 8.9-inch model that has a 1,920-by-1,200 resolution, features 16GB of built-in storage, costs $299 and ships November 20. Topping out the line is a new 32GB model with 4G LTE wireless connectivity for $499, which Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos on Thursday compared directly to Apple's $729 third-generation iPad with similar specs.

The three versions of the Kindle Fire HD represent an expansion of the company's strategy with the original Kindle Fire. Amazon worries about getting the tablets into the hands of its consumers first, and then focuses on making money off of the services and products it can deliver to them later. While Bezos denies this is the razor-and-razor-blade model, it's actually an apt analogy.
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Apple's September 12 invite hints at iPhone 5

Apple invites members of the media to an event in San Francisco next week, where the company is expected to unveil the next version of the iPhone.
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AntiSec claims to have snatched 12M Apple device IDs from FBI

Hacking group posts 1 million of the identifiers to the Web after allegedly lifting the data from an agent's laptop.
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Motorola announces three new Droid Razrs for Verizon

The Motorola Droid Razr M, the Droid Razr HD, and the Droid Razr Maxx HD are coming soon.
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Nokia aims to dazzle with Windows Phone 8 Lumia 920

The phones represent the company's latest best shot at turning its ailing smartphone business around.
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Who owns your downloaded music after you die?

Bruce Willis may not challenge Apple to who owns his iTunes collection after his death, but one question remains: What does happen to your downloaded music collection once you fly to the sky?
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Cybercrime costs U.S. consumers $20.7 billion

An annual cybercrime report has said that over the past 12 months, cybercrime has cost U.S. consumers billions of dollars.
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Zuckerberg says he won't sell any Facebook shares for 12 months

Facebook shares keep on falling -- and Mark Zuckerberg says he has no intention of selling.
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