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Amazon reportedly planning a new grocery store chain

The new chain would offer lower prices than Whole Foods, which Amazon bought in 2017.

Whole Foods Market
Getty Images

Amazon made a big splash by scooping up Whole Foods for $13.2 billion in 2017, but it apparently wants to create yet another grocery chain.

The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that the online retailer is planning to open dozens of new grocery stores across the US that will be branded differently from the higher-end Whole Foods stores and offer lower prices. The first of these stores would come to Los Angeles and open as soon as the end of this year, the publication said.

Amazon may also be planning to acquire regional grocers to continue growing in foods, the Journal reported.

The company pushed into groceries in hopes of gaining a bigger share of consumers' wallets and bringing in more repeat purchases, since people buy groceries several times a month. Amazon's move into the area creates more competition for Walmart, the biggest grocer in the US, and supermarket chains like Kroger.

Amazon said Friday it doesn't comment on rumors or speculation.