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Amazon releases Kindle 2 firmware upgrade

The e-book reader's second firmware patch fixes some minor glitches. The upgrade centers on page refreshes and ghosting issues but doesn't address text darkness.

Patch time: Amazon updates the Kindle with version 2.02 firmware. Amazon

Amazon released a firmware upgrade on Thursday night that fixes some minor glitches with the Kindle 2. Some blogs are calling the release the first firmware upgrade for Amazon's latest e-book reader, but it's actually the second.

Contrary to some reports, this version (2.02) has nothing to do with the text-to-speech option that publishers were upset about; that was addressed in the 2.01 release. Rather, this upgrade appears to center on page refreshes and some ghosting issues.

With this tweak, Amazon doesn't appear to have done anything about addressing some readers' concerns that the text on the Kindle 2 isn't dark enough (at least compared to that on the Kindle 1).

If you have a Kindle 2 and have any observations about the new update, please post your comments. Your Kindle 2 will automatically update when you turn on the wireless Whispernet connection.

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