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Amazon Prime Photos unlimited storage can now be shared

You can give the Prime perk to up to five other people, who can then add pictures to a shared folder called Family Vault.

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Amazon on Tuesday said Prime members in the US can now invite up to five other people to use Prime Photos to store as many photos as they want, as well as share 5 gigabytes of space for videos and other files.

Additionally, that group can easily share photos and videos among themselves with a new shared folder called Family Vault, which could make it easier to compile vacation or special occasion photos in one place. Photos are first added to a person's private folder, which he or she can then choose to add to Family Vault. Sharing to Family Vault can be done automatically for all photos uploaded or by individual selections.

Amazon also improved the search technology used for Prime Photos, making it easier for people to find photos based on people, places or things.

These features are a helpful way for Prime Photos to match Google Photos, which already offered several of these functions without the need for a paid membership.

The new features are available at amazon.com/photos or through Prime Photos mobile apps.

Got Prime? Share Amazon's unlimited photo storage with family (CNET Update)