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Amazon Prime Day steal: Essential Phone for $250

At $250, it's pretty dang easy to excuse this phone's faults.

Screenshot by Morgan Little/CNET

At $700, the Essential Phone didn't make sense. At $500, it was worth a look, for the right person. But today, for Amazon Prime Day, the Essential Phone is just $250 -- and that's an incredible deal.

We're talking about a phone with issues, yes -- read my five-months-later-review -- but also an unlocked phone with a gorgeous design, dual cameras with portrait mode, plenty of storage, compatibility with every major cellular carrier (though we had a few issues with T-Mobile), and regular Android updates. 

It's easily one of the most consistently updated Android phones outside of Google's own Pixels, even during a period when the company seems to be in a spot of trouble.

Now, you can get it for the price of an entry-level handset. If you're a bargain hunter, I might give it a go.