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Amazon Prime can't save you from ads on Twitch anymore

Even if you pay for Twitch Prime, you're going to see ads in your Fortnite and Overwatch streams now.


Twitch is letting the ads flood in, even if you paid to keep them out.

Twitch Prime, a service the streaming video site offers in partnership with its parent company Amazon, will no longer be ad-free for new members starting Sept. 14. Current monthly subscribers will get ad-free viewing until Oct. 15.

This comes as Twitch -- which lets gamers record and share in-game videos -- realizes that advertising is "an important source of support for creators," according to the company's blog post.  In other words, it's a money thing. With ads, the platform and game creators can get a cut. If you want ad-free viewing across all channels, you can still subscribe to Twitch Turbo.

Amazon Prime and Twitch started the partnership earlier in March, giving Prime subscribers a window to claim a selection free PC games from Twitch every month. 

Amazon acquired Twitch in 2014 for nearly $1 billion, part of a series of commitments Amazon made to the gaming world.

Amazon's Twitch didn't have further comment beyond the blog post.