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Amazon preps for Windows 7 launch-day delivery is preparing for the launch of Windows 7 later this week by offering same-date delivery of Windows 7. will offer release-date delivery on Windows 7 software and preorders on Windows 7 PCs, the online retailer announced on Monday.


According to Amazon, customers who preorder Windows 7 will receive the operating system on October 22, its launch day. The company is also offering more than 250 computers from HP, Dell, Acer, and other PC vendors that come preinstalled with Windows 7. Those computers are available for preorder on the site.

Amazon followed its announcement with details surrounding Windows 7's success so far. Windows 7 was a bestseller on Amazon for two weeks following its original preorder availability earlier this year, according to the company. Amazon also said that, so far, Windows 7 has attracted more orders than both Windows Vista and Windows XP combined at the same point in their availability.

A key reason why Windows 7 was so attractive to buyers during that period was likely the operating system's steeply discounted pricing. Starting in June, Windows 7 Home Premium was available for $49, a whopping $70 less than its retail price of $119. Windows 7 Professional was on sale for $99, half of its suggested price.

Now that the program has expired, Amazon is currently offering Windows 7 versions for preorder at their suggested prices.

Updated at 1:37 p.m. PDT to include information on PC preorders.