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Amazon prepping 10.1-inch Kindle Fire for this summer?

The book pusher is working on a 10.1-inch version of its Kindle Fire to launch in the summer, according to rumours.

We're still awaiting the Kindle Fire on these shores, but already comes word that Amazon is preparing a much bigger version to launch this summer. DigiTimes reports the book pusher is working on a 10.1-inch version of the Android tablet, to take on the iPad.

This bigger Fire -- the hardback to the existing model's paperback -- is expected to launch between July and September, according to the rumour. Amazon was said to be preparing an 8.9-inch version, but that's apparently on hold for now.

This 10 incher is aimed straight at taking on the iPad. The 8.9-inch model was expected to rival the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, but now Amazon has abandoned it to focus on beating Apple at its own game. That's according to the source who spoke to DigiTimes, anyway.

The current Kindle Fire stands at 7 inches, with no camera, and a bargain-basement price tag that set tongues wagging. It also has an Amazon-skinned version of Android, setting it apart from other Google-powered tablets.

We're still waiting for a UK release, and the last we heard was that Amazon was speaking to music and film bods to seal some deals and ensure the device is packed with tunes and movies when it does hit the UK. Amazon's Anthony Bay told a conference: "If you're not talking to us, you should be."

Content is Amazon's ace card. Its business model depends on it selling plenty of books, music and movies for use on the device, hence the rock-bottom cost of the Kindle Fire itself. A larger screen would inevitably bump up the price, but could still cost a lot less than Apple's iPad. Meanwhile, Apple is said to be working on a smaller iPad, to cut off the threat from Amazon.

Such is the Kindle Fire's success, that Amazon is said to be working on a smart phone too -- which would be interesting indeed.

Would you buy a bigger Kindle Fire? And how much would you pay for a 10.1-inch model? Let me know in the comments below, or over on our Facebook page.