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Amazon picks up Marvel animated movies in December

If you wanted to watch Hulk take on Thor in the comfort of your own home, you'll be able to see that on Amazon Prime.


If only they would use their words. No wait, that would be a less exciting film.


Wow, that was fast. It's the end of the year. Here's what Amazon Prime will be adding in the final month of 2017.

Amazon still has NFL Thursday Night Football throughout the month as well as a Christmas edition featuring the Steelers taking on the Texans. For more action, you can also watch the second season of "The Grand Tour" beginning Dec. 8.

There are a bunch of animated Marvel films making their way to Amazon. "Hulk Vs." is actually two stories -- one where the incredible one takes on Wolverine. The other features Hulk taking on Thor.

Check out the full list below. Notable titles are in bold.

Arriving on Amazon Prime in December 2017

Dec. 1

Dec. 3

Dec. 4

Dec. 7

Dec. 8

Dec. 9

Dec. 10

Dec. 12

  • Foreman

Dec. 14

Dec. 18

  • Doctor Who Christmas Special

Dec. 21

Dec. 22

  • Monster Trucks

Dec. 23

Dec. 25

Dec. 28

Dec. 29

  • Rings

Dec. 31

  • Brawl in Cell Block 99
  • Solace

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