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Amazon now testing drone delivery in the UK

Amazon's long-developed Prime Air drone delivery system may see its first application in the UK.


Amazon's Prime Air drone delivery system has been taking some time to get off the ground -- it was announced in late 2013, and the drone wasn't unveiled until November last year -- but it just got one step closer to the sky.

Amazon has announced that it will be partnering with the UK Government and the UK Civil Aviation Authority to test the drones for three key areas: Operations outside line-of-sight in rural areas, sensor testing for hazard avoidance and one-person operation of multiple drones.

"Using small drones for the delivery of parcels will improve customer experience, create new jobs in a rapidly growing industry, and pioneer new sustainable delivery methods to meet future demand," said Amazon's Paul Misener in a statement. "The UK is charting a path forward for drone technology that will benefit consumers, industry and society."

Amazon detailed the plans for Prime Air earlier this year, placing a time limit for 30 minutes on drone deliveries, and an upper weight limit of 55 pounds.