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Amazon Page Flip feature turns up on Fire tablets, Kindle e-readers

Does your Kindle make you miss thumbing through the pages in a book? A new features hopes to replace that utility.

Sarah Tew/CNET

The high-tech convenience of an e-reader means you miss out on some of the classic, comforting qualities of a regular 'ol book, like the ability to peek ahead while using your finger as a temporary bookmark.

While it won't exactly replace the tactile feeling of flipping through pages, Amazon's new Page Flip feature seeks to similarly satisfy the wandering eyes of Kindle readers.

The new feature is supposed to ursurp the convenience of flipping through pages.


Page Flip allows readers to pin a page to the side of the screen while they explore other parts of the book, the equivalent of sticking a finger between your current pages to skip ahead or go back. The feature can also zoom out for a bird's eye view of the book and provides a handy shortcut button to jump around chapters.

Starting on Tuesday, Kindle e-readers, Fire tablets and the Kindle app for iOS and Android should receive a free over-the-air update with Page Flip. The Kindle Paperwhite (2013) and every model after that is compatible with the new feature, according to Amazon.