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Amazon ordered to refund parents for kids' in-app charges

If your kid has ever made in-app purchases without your consent, Amazon might owe you money.

Has your kid ever made in-app purchases? Amazon might owe you a refund.

Getty Images/Photononstop RM

The Federal Trade Commission issued a complaint in 2014 alleging Amazon makes it too easy for kids to make in-app purchases.

Seattle-based U.S. District Judge John Coughenour had previously rejected the FTC's requested $26.5 million in damages, as well as Amazon's request to repay parents in gift cards. Instead, Coughenour on Friday ordered Amazon to notify those affected starting in early 2017 and refund the charges, Reuters reported.

Neither Amazon nor the FTC immediately responded to a request for comment.

Similar FTC cases against Apple and Google have resulted in payouts as well.