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Amazon opens its $23 kids Book Box to all Prime members

Curated children's books can be delivered to your door.


Prime Book Box delivers curated children's books to your door every one, two or three months.


Forget going to the library. Amazon will now deliver children's books right to your door.

Amazon said on Tuesday that Prime members in the US can now subscribe to Prime Book Box, a subscription service that delivers curated hardcover books for children up to age 12 every one, two or three months. Each box is $22.99. You can put in your preferences and your kids' ages, and Amazon's book editors will pick the books for you.

The retail giant introduced this service earlier in May, but it was invitation-only -- essentially a pilot program. It's an effort to build on Amazon's subscription services, which already include household pantry items, groceries and more.

"As a mom who's spent over 20 years reading and reviewing children's books, the best part of my job is sharing a love of reading with kids and their families," Seira Wilson, senior editor at Amazon Books, said in a statement. "Over the past few months, it's been both exciting and rewarding to hear that Prime Book Box is encouraging kids to spend more time reading."