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Amazon amusingly hypes its first NFL livestream

Commentary: In an attempt to get you excited about a Bears-Packers game, Amazon turns to nature. And it's all quite funny.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.


He can't believe it either.

Amazon/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Thursday Night Football hasn't exactly been must-see TV.

It smacks of overload, often featuring teams that aren't overloaded with talent.

Still, Amazon is launching its first-ever livestream of an NFL game on Thursday, Sept. 28.

To get you very -- or at least somewhat -- excited about it, Amazon has just released an ad that forced involuntary giggles to emerge through the gaps in my teeth.

This doesn't often happen.

Instead of featuring large, supplement-enhanced men hitting each other to a pulsating soundtrack, here we have a nature video from, well, the Amazon.

Our hushed-voiced British presenter is astonished to find bears (yes, the animals) and packers (tossing fish into containers) actually playing with each other.

In a charming twist, neither is trying to dismember the other. 

Instead, they're tossing fish to each other, as if they're kids playing in a garden.

Those fish are slippery. The bears' hands aren't quite Antonio Brown's.

I'm not sure this will move more people to turn to Amazon for their sporting joy. It's still refreshing, though, that the company is trying an entirely new approach. 

I wonder if its presentation of the actual game will be any different. I fear it might include the same old cliches, such as "you have to take care of the football" and "the kick splits the uprights."

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