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Amazon may flog Xbox 360 for £60 during Black Friday deals week

Not content with hinting at bargain-basement prices for the Nintendo Wii and Flip Video camcorders, Amazon is now promising cheap Xbox 360s and Sony Blu-ray players during its Black Friday week.

Look, we're not being paid by Amazon to write these stories about its Black Friday deals. But we've been refreshing the Amazon page for some time now -- in a bid to find out if we're going to be able to get a Nerf gun for cheap during the week of Black Friday (22 to 26 November) -- and we've seen even more crazy price reductions on awesome electronics. 

According to the Black Friday page, Amazon will be offering over 60 per cent off the Xbox 360 and over 50 per cent off Sony Blu-ray players. It's also offering deals on some jewellery and perfume but, as those aren't mains-powered, we don't care.

We don't know if the Xbox deal will extend to bundles, or if it will apply to the stand-alone console only. It may be that you have to buy a package like the Xbox 360 with Kinect for £380 in order to get 60 per cent off. But, if the deal applies to the console only, then the 4GB Xbox 360 Slim could cost you just £60.

The same problem applies to Blu-ray players. Does the deal include the whole Sony range, or just select models? We won't know until Monday, but that isn't going to stop us staring into space and dreaming of cheap consumer electronics. A wizard deal is, after all, the geek's holy grail.

The sceptical bones in our body suggest we won't see massively low prices. In the case of any other retailer, we wouldn't think it at all possible. Amazon is different, though. Generally well trusted and offering good prices as a rule, it's about the only retailer that could pull something like this off.

All will become clear next week, but, for now, bookmark the Amazon page, follow Amazon on Twitter or Facebook, and sign-up for its email newsletters.