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Amazon may be mulling plan to create TV shows

An Amazon exec may have goofed by posting a new title to his LinkedIn page that suggests Amazon is planning to create original programming.

Amazon may be considering a move into original programming. Netflix already has original shows, including "Lilyhammer," starring Steven Van Zandt. Screen shot by Greg Sandoval/CNET

An Amazon exec posted to his LinkedIn account that he's currently vice president of original television at Amazon.

Only there is no original TV programming at Amazon--at least not yet.

Fortune magazine spotted the LinkedIn post from Joe Lewis, a new Amazon hire. Lewis is a former production exec at 20th Century Fox, so it's not the like the janitor was making the claim.

Fortune reported that Lewis' title was removed from his LinkedIn page after the magazine called. His title later resurfaced as vice president of production at Amazon Studios.

Amazon did not respond to questions from CNET.

If the first title was accurate, his position certainly wouldn't come as a surprise.

Netflix and Hulu have already begun acquiring original content. Movies and TV shows are hard to acquire and the licensing rights are all locked up in exclusive agreements.

Analysts say that there's going to be more of this as the lines between cable and Internet distributors begin to blur.

Come to think of it, if Amazon isn't moving into original programming, what was Lewis doing? Indulging in wishful thinking?