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Amazon launches grocery shop, ignores appeals to rebrand as 'Amazon.nom'

Amazon has launched a grocery section, so you'll now be able to browse and purchase a vast selection of delicious foodstuffs without trudging off to the shops

When you're a supernerd, food tastes exponentially better the less effort you have to put in to obtaining it. This is why delivered pizza tastes ohsogood, while a painstakingly perfected three-bird roast is like ashes in our geeky mouths. Obtaining food with a minimum of fuss just got a whole lot easier thanks to Amazon, who will now let you buy groceries on its UK site, then stuff the whole lot in a Jiffy bag and post it directly into your slavering gullet. You disgusting lazy pig-person.

From herbs to crisps to beer to grand piano-sized slabs of meat, everything your stomach desires can be yours. For a new service, the selection is remarkably comprehensive -- we even found Irn Bru-flavoured Wham bars, which have already been dispatched to us with same-day delivery.

A quick browse through the food items on offer tells us Amazon itself isn't stocking these items, but rather is acting as a go-between for third-party food barons. This is a shame, partly because you have no idea who is sending you fresh food through the postal system, but mainly because we would love to take a tour round an official Amazon food warehouse.

Is this a major threat to online shopping services such as Tesco's online service and Ocado? Or does it have more than a whiff of Webvan about it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Oh, and uh... om nom nom.