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Amazon launches Grand Theft Auto V too soon in the UK

Although gamers are pleased to get the game sooner, some folks are posting spoilers online ahead of its official launch.

Rockstar Games

Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V has gotten off to a somewhat troubling start.

Amazon's UK store shipped out copies of the title early, allowing those who preordered the title to get their hands on the game days before its official launch. According to the BBC, which was first to report on the mistake, not all Amazon preorder customers got a copy of Grand Theft Auto V early, but some did.

Although gamers who received the game early were happy to find it waiting for them at their doorsteps, it has caused a world of hurt for those who have yet to get their hands on the wildly anticipated title: some of those who got the game early have posted spoilers online.

The game's official launch date is Tuesday.

Amazon's mistake is the third hiccup for the game. Last month, Sony offered those who preordered a digital copy of the title some locked content. However, there were some folks who were able to crack the digital files and open up the game's soundtrack and reveal some secrets. Last week, the game's map was leaked onto the Web.

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