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Amazon Kindle Fire 2 reportedly coming in next few months

Although the Kindle Fire is yet to make an appearance east of the Azores, Amazon is reportedly working on a successor.

Although the cheap and content-ful Kindle Fire is still to make an appearance east of the Azores, Amazon is reportedly working on a successor to its 'iPad killer' and its specifications are intriguing.

A source at Amazon tells AllThingsD it intends to unveil the new Android-based tablet in the next few months, and the super-retailer has been contacting developers to clue them up on the new model, which will apparently sport a thinner, lighter body, and will have a camera, although its resolution hasn't yet been mentioned.

Developers are being told to design their apps for a resolution of 1,280x800 pixels, higher than the Kindle Fire's current screen size of 1,024x600. For that size, the aspect ratio of the unit has to be a little different in height and width, changing from an aspect ratio of 1.71 (tall and narrow in portrait mode) to an aspect ratio of 1.60 (not so skinny).

This difference will make for a sharper, prettier screen, resulting in sharper text, and hopefully improving the reading experience. I'm also anticipating an upgrade to the processor and graphics chip.

If the rumoured specs are true, the Fire 2 may be on the same level as the exciting Nexus 7, which also boasts a 1,280x700-pixel display, and features crazy-fast processing and graphics performance with its Tegra 3 processor, the same chip that powers the blindingly fast Asus Transformer Prime.

The Fire seems to be cooling a little, with sales dropping from a gargantuan 4.8 million in the last three months of 2011 to less than 750,000 in the first three of 2012, AllThingsD notes

Amazon is also said to be entering the smart phone market soon, and with its sky-high reputation of fitting Android into its rich market of music and video, and developing it on small, affordable, lightweight hardware, its announcement is something I'm definitely looking forward to. How about you? Have an inkling about a Kindling? Set fire to the comments section or our flame-retardant Facebook page.

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