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Amazon Kindle Fire 2 coming early 2012?

There's a second-generation Kindle Fire coming in early 2012, and it'll wipe the floor with the first, if sources are to be believed.

Amazon is announcing its Kindle Fire tablet later today to rival the iPad 2, but you might want to read this before placing your order.

Amazon will launch a far better second version in the first months of 2012, according to gdgt. Which will certainly annoy anyone laying down their cash before Christmas.

Apparently the first Kindle Fire has been delayed, while the second-generation model has always been scheduled for Q1 2012, hence it launching so soon after. This would relegate the first-gen Kindle Fire to a 'stopgap' version -- incredibly infuriating if you bought one.

There's no word on specs for the second-generation Kindle Fire, but it's the device "Amazon really believes in", according to the blog's source. The first-generation model is said to be made by Quanta, the company behind the BlackBerry PlayBook, with a Texas Instruments dual-core OMAP processor and a custom version of Android. It's said to give the iPad 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab a serious run for their money.

It's been rumoured for months, with Amazon chief Jeff Bezos dropping hints. Word is the Kindle Fire is being rushed out to curb other tablets, which would also explain another version following so soon.

It wouldn't be the first time Amazon launched two Kindle devices quite close to each other: the DX arrived shortly after the second-generation Kindle came out.

These are all still rumours, and hopefully we'll find out more from the official announcement. Tune in at 3pm for coverage as it happens.

Would you buy an Amazon tablet? Or is the iPad 2 unstoppable? And just how annoyed would you be if a successor launched soon after the original? Let us know on our Facebook page.