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Amazon just sliced $20 off the price of the classic Kindle e-reader

In advance of Black Friday madness, Amazon just dropped the price of its Kindle 6-inch e-reader to $60.

Sarah Tew/CNET

If you slept and missed out on last week's discounted Kindle models, Amazon just threw out a consolation prize: for a limited time, customers with an Amazon Prime account can pick up a 6-inch Kindle with Wi-Fi for $60.

CNET Editor David Carnoy recommended the Kindle in his 2014 review , and although the battery doesn't last as long as the higher-tiered models, it's certainly does the job if you can live without an integrated light.

The discount is part of the online retailer's daily list of Black Friday specials leading up to the day after Thanksgiving, but it's unclear when they'll expire.

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