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Amazon's 'Hub' is a delivery locker for residential buildings

The storage service is a residential version of the Amazon Locker that's been available at retailers for years.


The Hub brings locker delivery storage to residential buildings.


Amazon wants to make deliveries easier for residential buildings with no doorman, concierge, or mailroom service. 

The company quietly released a new set of lockers designed for apartment buildings and other complexes, called The Hub. It's "your fast and easy way to receive packages from anyone," according to the company. 

Customers in buildings with these lockers will need to enter a pickup code into the system touchscreen that opens the door where their package is located. Landlords can head to the Hub's portal to submit an application to receive a unit. 

According to the site, the 24-hour service isn't just for Amazon packages. Deliveries are accepted from "all carriers" and you can "receive packages from anyone."

There are outdoor and indoor versions, starting at 6 feet wide, and an option of four different neutral colors. 

It's not really a new concept for Amazon. The company launched the Amazon lockers delivery storage back in 2011 at public pickup stations including grocery stores, gyms and convenience stores. (Staples and RadioShack pulled the lockers from their stores in 2013.)