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Amazon hungry to launch its own snack foods, Walmart rolls out payment app

Diapers didn't work out so well for Amazon last year, but the retailer seems to be trying again with its own generic brand of grocery items. Meanwhile, Walmart Pay launches in nearly 600 stores, but it's not as snazzy as Apple Pay or Android Pay.

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Amazon already sells clothing and electronics under its own brand labels. But soon Amazon may be adding snack foods to the mix. The Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon is close to launching a generic brand of grocery and household items, but the online retailer hasn't always had the best luck in this area. Meanwhile, Amazon also launched a Dash button that can be programmed to do much more than order toilet paper.

As Amazon finds ways to lure in more Prime subscribers, Walmart is rolling out its own mobile payment service to keep you coming to its store. Instead of letting customers use Apple Pay or Android Pay, the chain began rolling out Walmart Pay. But the technology Walmart uses feels like a step backward:

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Amazon hungry to launch its own foods, Walmart rolls out payment app