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Amazon gifts town of Manchester-by-the-Sea a year of free Prime

Every home in the Massachusetts town is offered a one-year membership as Amazon's Oscar-winning film "Manchester by the Sea" comes to Prime Video.


Amazon has a gift for residents of Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts.


Amazon scored at the Academy Awards this year with its film "Manchester by the Sea" taking home Oscars for Best Actor and Best Original Screenplay.

The film is coming to Amazon's Prime Video service on May 5. To mark the streaming release, Amazon is sending a thank-you box to residents of the real-life Massachusetts town the movie takes its name from.

"Amazon is sending a gift box to every home in Manchester-by-the Sea this week," the company said in a press release Monday. "Customers will receive a code to claim their one-year Prime membership and 3-pack of Wickedly Prime Popcorn."

The town has about 5,000 residents, although it looks like the gift boxes are restricted to one per household. An Amazon Prime subscription in the US currently costs $99 per year.