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You can now control apps like Hulu with Alexa on Amazon's Fire TV

Other apps you'll be able to access using voice recognition include Bravo, CBS All Access, NBC, Showtime and Sony PlayStation Vue.


Apps like Hulu now work with Alexa on the Amazon Fire TV. 


To watch the latest episode of "This is Us" on your Amazon Fire TV, all you have to do now is ask Alexa to play it. 

Amazon on Thursday expanded the capabilities of its voice assistant to work with third-party apps on its TV box. The initial list includes Bravo, CBS All Access, Hulu, NBC, Showtime and Sony PlayStation Vue. (CBS also owns CNET). 

Previously, you could use the Echo, Echo Dot or Echo Show to search and control playback of Amazon Prime Video movies and TV shows on the Fire TV. Now you'll be able to use your voice to search, control playback and change the channel within the supported third party apps. 

You can say, for instance, "Alexa, watch 'The Handmaid's Tale'" or "Alexa, play 'Homeland.'" You can also ask Alexa to pause, fast-forward, fast-forward five minutes, rewind, play, go to the next episode, start over and other similar commands. Those basic commands also work with Amazon Prime Video.

If you don't have an Echo paired to your Fire TV, you can press and hold a button on your Alexa voice remote or Fire TV remote app to search and control what you want to watch. 

Amazon's Alexa has become one of the most-used voice assistants on the market. Since launching the first Echo in late 2014, Amazon has sold 20 million smart speakers in the US, taking 73 percent of that market, according to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners. Making Alexa work with third party TV apps is just the latest push by Amazon in its efforts to expand its voice assistant's capabilities.

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