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Amazon exposes iPad flaw in Kindle ad

Amazon's provocative new Kindle ad highlights the iPad's biggest flaw: its screen gets washed out in direct sunlight.

Well, if you were wondering what product Amazon thinks is its biggest competition for the Kindle, one need look no further than the latest Kindle ad, which pits Amazon's e-reader versus the iPad...poolside.

As most people know, the iPad's one big flaw is that it doesn't do well in direct sunlight and the geeky guy in the lounger finds himself staring at his reflection as he tries to make out what's on his iPad's screen. Meanwhile, his bikini-clad neighbor has no trouble reading with her e-ink-based Kindle and points out that it only costs $139--"I actually paid more for these sunglasses."

Of course, Apple could turn the lights off and do an ad that exposes e-ink's biggest flaw: you need light for reading. And then it could run some video, pull up a Web page, and show an app or two--maybe even the Kindle app for iPad.

However, kudos to Amazon for an ad well done; it's always fun to see a company take on Apple, especially an 800-pound gorilla like Amazon. I do miss those Microsoft "laptop hunter" ads.