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Amazon expands tests for Scout delivery robot to more states

The cooler-sized robots are making their way to Georgia and Tennessee.


Amazon Scout robots will start delivering goods to customers in Georgia and Tennessee. 


Amazon is testing more locations for its Scout delivery robots. The e-commerce giant said on Tuesday that the cooler-sized autonomous robots are heading south to Atlanta, Georgia and Franklin, Tennessee. 

"Amazon has been providing an essential service during the COVID-19 pandemic and working hard to get customers the products they need so they can continue to stay safe," wrote Sean Scott, vice president of Amazon Scout, in a blog post. "Amazon Scout is quietly playing its part in this effort, too."

Scout robots make deliveries Monday through Friday during the daytime, Amazon said. Although the robots can navigate around pets, people and other objects in their way, Amazon said Scouts will initially be accompanied by a human employee. 

The e-commerce giant began testing its Scout robots in 2019. The company started with six robots in Snohomish County, Washington and expanded to Irvine, California later that year. 

Amazon isn't alone in its delivery robot work. In April, Google's parent company Alphabet used drones to deliver food and medicine during the coronavirus pandemic. Postmates and the startup Starship have also worked on sidewalk delivery bots in the past.