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Tech Industry

Amazon expands into furniture business

The online retailer broadens its product selection, opening a new home furnishings store in conjunction with opened a new home furnishings store today in conjunction with

The launch marks the second time Amazon has expanded its product selection with the help of one of its partners. Last month, the Seattle-based company opened a new health and beauty store operated by

The furnishings store offers sofas, tables, rugs and other items. Although it is featured as a "tab" on Amazon's site, customers will use a separate shopping cart at the new "Home Living Store," and will ship all orders placed in the store.

Stores such as the furnishings and drugstore sites are seen as a way for Amazon to earn low-cost revenue. Unlike with its books, music or toy stores, the company doesn't have to carry inventory or worry about shipping costs. and are paying Amazon $145 million and $105 million, respectively, to essentially advertise prominently on Amazon.

Amazon also opened a kitchen store and a lawn and patio store this year. The company owns and operates those stores itself, however.