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Amazon Echo struggles to connect to BT broadband, customers complain

Amazon has released a detailed set of instructions to help BT users get the Echo home assistant up and running.


It works better when it's hooked up.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Amazon's voice-activated speaker/home assistant Echo has only just landed in the UK, and BT customers are already kicking up a fuss over how to connect it to BT's HomeHub router. One customer review on the Echo store page offered this complaint: "As others have already said, it will not connect to internet if you have a BT hub, which it needs to do to work!"Amazon has been quick to address the situation, with a detailed guide on how to connect the Echo to a BT router. It's a seven-step guide that does involve you inputting your IP address and DNS details, so it's far from an easy fix, but it should help the two devices play nicely together.

"We are aware that a small number of customers are currently experiencing issues connecting their Amazon Echo to some BT routers. We are working with BT to resolve this issue as quickly as possible," Amazon said in a statement to CNET.