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Alexa, meet Iris: Amazon Echo now controls Lowe's smart hub

Lowe's Iris system for home control now lets you adjust lights and temperature using the Amazon Echo, and your voice.

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"Alexa, set the lamp to 35 percent. Alexa, turn off the living room light."

If you have an Amazon Echo and the Iris home smart hub by Lowe's, these are things you can say to Amazon's Alexa assistant to control the home management system with your voice -- rather than the app alone. You don't even have to ask nicely.

Lowe's Iris hub can now pair with the Echo to do your bidding, the home improvement retailer said Thursday. It's the latest in a long list of devices that can pair with Amazon's smart speaker. (Here are the absolute best.) There are 20 basic Iris commands altogether that cover turning lights and outlets on and off; dimming and brightening lights; and jiggering the temperature. See them all here.

And here's how you connect your Iris system to your Echo.

(Via Geekwire)

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