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Amazon earbuds might have fitness features, report says

The company is rumored to be working on Alexa-powered wireless earbuds.


Add another company may join the fray.

Angela Lang/CNET

Amazon's rumored wireless earbuds will reportedly come with fitness-tracking features. This, along with the being Alexa-enabled, might make these new buds serious competition Apple's AirPods and Samsung's Galaxy Buds

The online retail giant's new earbuds will also act as a fitness-tracking device, according to a report from CNBC on Monday. It will reportedly track distance ran, calories burned and how fast the wearer is running. Amazon's wireless earbuds were first hinted at back in April. Their design will reportedly be similar to AirPods and use of the company's digital assistant, Alexa. 

It's possible Amazon will announce the new earbuds, reportedly code-named "Puget," on Wednesday when it holds its annual product launch in Seattle. The event is also rumored to include more Alexa-powered wearables, a premium Echo speaker and possibly even an Alexa home robot. 

Amazon didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.