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Amazon drops price of Kindle 2 to $299

It's official: The Kindle 2 got a $60 price shave on July 8 and now costs $299.

If you logged onto Amazon Wednesday, you may or may not have noticed that the Kindle 2 had a price drop: it's now selling for $299 instead of $359.

Alas, because Amazon ads for the Kindle 2 (and Kindle DX) are always plastered across its homepage--and are easy to ignore--I actually missed the new pricing until a reader pointed it out to me.

However, I did have a feeling Amazon needed to do something to spur demand, because I just haven't been seeing too many Kindle 2s on the New York City subway (the number seemed to be holding steady and not increasing). I know that's not a very scientific way of charting sales, but we started to get the feeling around here that after the initial wave of publicity and a somewhat lackluster response to the larger and more expensive Kindle DX, interest in the Kindle was waning a bit. (Since Amazon doesn't release sales figures for the Kindle, we have no way of knowing how well it's really doing).

Chopping the price to a more palatable $300 will certainly attract some fence-sitters who've been contemplating a purchase, but it's also bound to upset a few folks who bought the device fairly recently. The good news is that if you bought a Kindle 2 in the last month you should get $60 back. According to an Amazon PR rep, "If the product was shipped within 30 days of purchase, customers are eligible to receive the price difference as a credit."

Anybody ready to buy at $299 or is the Kindle 2 still overpriced?

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