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Amazon Dash may change grocery shopping

The online retailer tests a barcode-scanning wand for its grocery-delivery service. Also, Google Glass gets a Livestream app for live video broadcasts of your life.

CNET Update forgot to scan the milk:

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In this episode of CNET Update, learn more about Amazon Dash, a new Wi-Fi wand being tested for Amazon Fresh subscribers. The Dash scans grocery barcodes to add the item to your online shopping cart. the idea is that you would scan items in the kitchen when it's time to restock. The Dash also has a microphone to add items verbally. The Amazon Fresh service costs $300 a year and is only available to some residents in Seattle and parts of California.

Scanning barcodes to build a shopping list is not a new concept. Dozens of apps let you run around the house scanning items with a smartphone camera. Grocery iQ is popular and run by There are apps to help you build a shopping list to share with other family members, like OurGroceries. (I personally use Couple, which has other fun perks besides sharing lists.) There's also ShopWell, which scans barcodes and tells you if there are healthier options to consider.

And Google Glass is back in the news with a new Livestream app. The headgear always made it easy to take hands-free photos and videos, but the app takes it up a notch with live video broadcasting online. But that video broadcast won't last too long, unless the Glass is hooked up to a backup battery.

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