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Amazon Dash expands to the UK, Germany and Austria

The product lets customers in these countries press a real-world button to place orders for household items.


An Ariel Dash button on a washing machine.


It's a trick that might amaze Mary Poppins.

Amazon Prime customers in the UK, Germany and Austria can now order household items, from condoms to diapers, with the press of a real-world button.

Here's how it works. Say you're a resident of the UK who relies on Ariel washing powder for all your laundry needs. You can now order the Wi-Fi-connected Ariel Dash button and install it near your washing machine. When you're running low on laundry powder, press the button, and a fresh order is on its way.

The button costs £4.99, and you'll receive a £4.99 credit after your first order using Dash.

This service is already available for Prime customers in the US, and Amazon says the company receives Dash orders more than twice a minute.

Of course, the premise of Amazon Dash is that you never veer from your beloved Ariel washing powder, and don't care to check for the best deal when it's time to purchase more. It will be up to Prime customers in Europe whether the convenience will be the spoonful of sugar that makes Dash palatable.